Leading By Example

We are committed to providing an executive search service in a highly competitive staffing market and as a result, we are concentrated on delivering hard to find talent to our clients in a way that separates us from the rest of the marketplace. Our relationships are deeply rooted in the senior end of the market which in turn allows us continue to advise on the broader build out of teams in and around those trusted relationships.

True Consultation

Our recruiters are specialized within verticals of the financial services industry. You’ll be working with an executive search consultant who will collaborate with you, advise you as well as advocate for you.

Extensive Network

Our networks are comprehensive and deeply rooted within the specialty verticals you are focused in. With a combination of twenty plus years of relationship building we bring only the opportunities that will help you to deliver on your goal of landing your dream job.


Your job search and employment status is something we take extremely seriously. You can count on us knowing that we will go to the next level to entrust your identity through the search process.

Ethical and Transparent

You won’t ever feel out of the loop with Eastward Search. Along with a high-touch approach, we’ll keep you informed about your job search and details as we would a business partner. Because you are.

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