11 Recruitment Tips for You Personal Search Strategy


Recruitment Tip 1: Before you apply to a job posted directly by the hiring company, think about your trusted recruitment relationships to uncover whether s/he can highlight your resume to the hiring authority or be banished to the black hole of the HR function!!

Recruitment Tip 2: When updating your resume, keep in mind your personal brand and ensue that it is reflected in your accomplishments and speaks to your ambitions. Your resume is key that will start the engine of your job search; make sure it’s a muscle car and not a lemon! #vroom

Recruitment Tip 3: Passive is the new active! Whether you are in the fully in the market or not, keep in mind that opportunities arise when you least expect them to. Keep your resume updated and don’t be so quick to turn down a call or InMail from a recruiter; you never know where that simple conversation could lead!

Recruitment Tip 4: When negotiating compensation for a new role keep in mind the total package and be flexible when necessary. Think holistically about the offer, not just the numbers, i.e. PTO, employer health care contribution, defined benefit/deferred benefit contribution, remote flex time, child care, maternity/paternity, and commuter benefits to name a few. The negotiating starts far before you get to the finish line so be prepared and map out what is really important to you and your family!

Recruitment Tip 5: Why is the HR interview so important? In most cases, HR is the backbone of an organization and evaluates the core competencies, strengths and culture fit of all potential candidates.  As a result, it is imperative that you prepare to answer questions such as, “What intrigues you about our company?”, What brings you to the market?”, and “What do you perceive to be your strengths/weaknesses?” just to name a few. The answers might be straight forward but dig a bit deeper in an effort to impress!

Recruitment Tip 6: Mohammad Ali once said “The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road; long before I dance under those lights.” You can pull motivation from his statements when preparing for your next interview by extensively researching the company and interviewer, by practicing your value proposition and by perfecting the reasons why you should be the chosen candidate for the role. Think of an interview as the big fight and go and knock ‘em dead!

Recruitment Tip 7: We have all heard it before, 90% those that accept counter offers end up back in the market within the year. This is an important stat when considering a counter offer but not the only one. Most companies want to ensure that they retain the best talent in the marketplace as we know there is a war for good talent. If a counteroffer is presented to you, weigh both sides of the equation, speak to your family and any close advisors before making a decision to accept or decline. You are the only one who knows if the next step of your career is a step back in that door or out of it.

Recruitment Tip 8: I have been asked whether a thank you note after an interview is always appropriate & if so, what should it say? I believe that a ‘thank you’ goes a long way in business especially now a day when it seems like everyone is running 100 mph! I highly recommended sending one within 24 hours after the interview, making sure that you keep the note short & to the point. Reiterate your desire to join the company & make sure you do not over sell yourself as this may put doubt on your candidacy. Regardless of the outcome, it is always good to be polite!

Recruitment Tip 9: Your look is as important as anything else about you when it comes to an interview. You can be the smartest person in the room but if you are wearing a clown costume no one will take you seriously will they? That is an extreme example only to make a point but what you put on you back is how you feel about yourself & how you project that on others. Must: dark suits (ladies included), white button down & a solid tie (industry to industry). The emphasis should be on the cut not the brand. Not only will you feel like a million bucks but your confidence will follow.

Recruitment Tip 10: Phone interviews have become a staple in the recruitment life cycle as hiring managers and HR professionals are stretched thin on time & although it might not be your ideal scenario there are some perks when interviewing via phone call, here are a few: there is no need to take time off from work, you can use a cheat sheet, you can move around the room freely (motion creates emotion), you’re able to highlight your communication skills and you can learn about the specifics and decide if you are interested in pursuing the opportunity.

Recruitment Tip 11: Getting rejected by a potential employer is not easy to hear and in fact could throw your motivation and game plan off course if you don’t put corrective actions in place. When an employer says “no” they are not saying no to you the person, but to you the candidate. Remember to calibrate your value proposition, think back to where you may have missed the mark and build from the feedback you receive from the company/recruiter. One door may close but if you don’t land on your feet quickly after rejection you may miss the opportunity to walk through the next door that opens


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